Hello! I'm a graphic and web designer based in Sydney.

Do you run a small business or start up and you’re planning for growth but you’re missing that extra support you need to kick start your projects?

With 6 years of print and digital experience, working in the wine and food, technology and education industry – I am a graphic and web designer with UX and culture change management experience.I will work closely with you and your team to offer you solutions and the roadmap to access tools, software and productivity systems you need to take your business to the next stage.

Having built over 50 brands from initial concept, you can trust that all areas of design and marketing will be thoughtfully considered in a professional and timely manner.

You will feel ease knowing that you will have the help you need to successfully transform your humble start up to a recognisable and reputable brand. I will analyse your entire customer journey experience and offer design solutions for your unique customers at every touch point – from your logo, business card, website, email strategy, socials and video content.

I am passionate about helping individuals chase their dreams, driven by the vision of innovation, change and positivity in the work culture.There may be hundreds of designers in Australia doing what I do, but what makes my approach different is my Project Management experience that is based on highly efficient teamwork, communication and result-driven outcomes.

I would love to learn more about you and your business. Send me a message and let’s get in touch to see how we can help each other.

Learn fast. Adapt to change. Improve a little day. Enjoy the work. Meet awesome people.
Christine Lo