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Conversation Design: The Rise of the Chatbot (Academy Xi Talk)

chatbot talk academy xi bws case study
chatbot talk academy xi facebook messenger case study

🤖Inspiring people sharing ‘Conversation Design: The Rise of the Chatbot’ hosted by Tanya Marcinkus at Academy Xi.

If you missed out, I’ll give you some highlights to pique your interest in the current and future state #machinelearning, #AI and #UX:

☛ How to get a project like a chatbot over the line –

A chatbot is not just a website so people aren’t as familiar with the concept. Help them visualise and engage for a lightbulb moment

💡Build demos and prototypes for execs to play around and use their own voice to say things!

☛ Chatbot is a medium channel that has a clear value ad –

In the BWS case study, chatbots save time for the user. The faster items are placed in the cart, the more revenue. Align the project as a truly superior model.In the StakeBot case study, chatbots can also be used to increase lead generation and reduce cost per lead significantly.

☛ Chatbots need a personality. Not at the expense of utility –

Not pretending to be human but embodying human characteristics. Constantly monitor bots, expand knowledge, iterate.At the end, we are training the bots to train themselves through dialogue flows and machine learning!

Thank you so much for the insight and rich conversation Vivid N. Savitri, Mariza O'Keeffe, Dave Flanagan, Marcus Robinson