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The Neuroscience of Influence: Creating Your Career (Academy Xi Talk)

Insightful talk with tangible takeaways by Shelley Laslett from Vitae.Coach on The Neuroscience of Influence: Creating Your Career at Academy Xi.

→ What is Neuroplasticity? 

When it comes to our daily habits or developing new skills, your brain will always take the path of least resistance.This means the path most travelled is preferred.However, we have a plastic brain that CAN be remodelled.And who you were yesterday doesn’t have to be who you are today!

→ Reframing

Being aware of our positive or negative thought patterns allow us to make changes outside of ourselves.This is called metacognition.So when you see an opportunity, you will actually pay attention and notice an opportunity.When we reframe our thinking we literally change our mind.

→ How to Change Your Career.

Give your brain clear direction to think a different way.2. We don’t know what we want so present an alternative pathway.3. Unconsciously tell your brain that this pathway is important and prioritise it!

→ Emotional Contagion During InterviewsI

f it’s accurate and honest people WANT to hear about your achievements in an interview.And if you present confidently, people are more willing to accept what you are saying.#growthmindset #neuroplasticity #neuroscience #influence #persuasion